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Luc Burgelman


Luc is co-founder and partner of Innacco.

Lucis also co-founder and the CEO of NGDATA. Prior to NGDATA, heco-founded Porthus (EU, 2000), which delivered cloud-based solutionsthat IPO’d in 2006 and was acquired by Descartes Systems Group in 2010(US/CA). At that time Luc became the EVP global marketing, productstrategy and chairman of corporate planning office (US/CA). Through hisexperience in artificial intelligence (neural networks, large dataprocessing, rule based systems, …) he decided to join forces to createNGDATA. Luc holds a Master in Engineering and Information technology(UGent, BE) and Executive MBA (Antwerp, Kellog, IMD).

Frank Hamerlinck


Frank is co-founder and partner of Innacco.

Frank is also co-founder and COO of NGDATA and board member of LimeCraft. Prior to this, he was co-founder and COO/CTO of Porthus (EU) which delivered cloud-based solutions. While at Porthus, Frank oversaw all service, sales and R&D (off- and near-shore). When Porthus was purchased by Descartes Systems Group, Frank became executive VP (Global) R&D. Prior to Porthus Frank held management positions at Volvo IT and worked at the University of Ghent as a scientific researcher focusing on the application of artificial intelligence and expert systems, thesauri and ontologies in the area of document management.Frank holds a master of engineering.

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