Data Driven Journalism


Data-driven journalism is a journalistic process based on analyzing and filtering large data sets for the purpose of creating a new story. Data-driven journalism deals with open data that is freely available online and analyzed with open source tools. Data-driven journalism strives to reach new levels of service for the public, helping consumers, managers, politicians to understand patterns and make decisions based on the findings. As such, data driven journalism might help to put journalists into a role relevant for society in a new way.


This project targeted to build a prototype using this new approach. We used the data of the elections and polls in Belgium for the last 10 years. Given that the data consisted of several PDF, Excell and PPT files, we had to merge and convert the data into a human and machine readible format. In the meantime we went through the conceptual fase where we tried different concepts and designs before concluding that data journalism is all about the story behind the data. Based on the final concept the prototype was built with mobile and desktop devices in mind. The prototype was successfully launched at October 2012.


Year: 2012
Partners: VRT, Bits of Love
Technologies used: Raphael JS met Greensock library, jQuery, Lazyload.js, PHP/MySQL


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