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IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology) is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The IBBT team offers companies and organizations active support in research and development. It brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed within each of these projects. The mission of IBBT is the creation of highly competent human capital in different aspects of ICT through multi-disciplinary demand-driven research.

To support emerging companies, IBBT has hired Innacco, based on their experience as entrepreneurs.


Innacco has been working around three primary functions:
  • Launch a new entrepreneurial venture
  • Assist in the evaluation of potential investments
  • Provide functional expertise to assist with an existing investment
The ultimate goal was ensure a newly formed technology company that it has access to the right person to manage it and take it forward. Innacco activities included the creation of business plans and investor presentations, as well as the definition of the products, the product positioning and organizational aspects such as structuring a sales and operations team.  


Year: 2011 - 2012
Partners: IBBT - iMinds


Innacco Management Consultancy and Innovation Services

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