Future CMS Architecture


The current CMS has no service oriented architecture, making integration with third party tools and services rather complex. The target of this project is to evolve to a service oriented architecture where multichannel publishingis possible using the available content stores like Polopoly and Drupal.


Asthe current CMS systems try to give an end-to-end solution, mostwebsites are managed by single instances of a specific CMS. Right nowthe design of a new website implies adapting or building new componentsin the presentation layer of a specific CMS which is not compatible withthe other platforms. Hippo CMS is a system which already deals withthese issues as it uses several service layers in its architecture. Oneof the layers we are trying to connect to our current infrastructure isthe HST2 presentation layer which could act as a universal presentationlayer for all the websites VRT is building. In order to connect thelayer to a CMS like Polopoly we are using Solr technology as anintermediate layer between the systems. This technique seems to workfine in a non-intrusive way and gives VRT a possibility to evolve to aservice oriented content management architecture.


Year: 2012
Partners: VRT, Hippo
Technology Services: Atex Polopoly, Hippo CMS, Apache Solr


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