Media ID


Media companies in Belgium are joining to create a shared platform for reader registration, with a payment option. Major publishers of magazines and newspapers in French and Flemish together with three TV broadcasters, including VRT, have signed up for Media ID, which has been created by the government-funded research institute iMinds. 


VRT decided to add the realisation of a new Identity & Access management platorm to this project. Authentication using Media ID will be possible on all existing authentication applications in web sites, services and apps. Furthermore the IAM platform facilitates solutions for future needs such as CRM and personalised web applications.

The project is realised in cooperation with Gigya. The new platform is installed on the Gigya RaaS (Registration as a Service) infrastructure. Media ID is implemented in the IAM platform in a similar way social plugins are. This way authentication with Media ID can easily be integrated in future web sites, services and apps.


Year: 2014
Partners: VRT, Gigya
Technologies used: Gigya Registration as a Service


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