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The VRT sports and news web sites are among the most visited web sites in Belgium. The online media landscape, technologies and possibilitiets change constantly at a high pace. Therefore continous improvement and updates are needed.
In 2012 several big sports events needed to be covered, as well as the regional elections in Belgium. Both web sites also needed a major upgrade concerning user experience and graphics. Furthermore, the new possibilities with social media had to be upgraded for use in the web sites.


The rapid succession of the sports events during spring and summer, and the regional elections in the autumn implied many deadlines. Therefore an agile project management methodology was required.

The project was realized using the Scrum methodology, which guaranteed a high involvement of all stakeholders. This way all deadlines were met, and the projects were realized withing timing and budget.

Both web sites are implemented in the Polopoly java framework by an internal development team. Also the mobile derivatives of these websites were updated to support all new features. The graphic designs were realised by the external partner Design Skills.


Year: 2012
Partners: VRT, Design Skills
Technologies used: Atex Polopoly


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